Strategia per Giocare a Blackjack

In Blackjack as in any game you need a strategy for the approach. This does not necessarily mean that you have the secret to winning 100 percent of the games. Instead it’s your strategy based on what’s important to you during the game. You must first accept that you will lose a certain amount of time. For blackjack, what you really need to do is know what to do when you have a specific hand. There are two types of hands; the hard or soft. These hands will tell you about the ace. In a soft hand you have the option of counting the ace as one or eleven. Most of the time it depends on the other card in that hand.

For example if you have a jack, ten, or tall, then you would have 21. If you had two aces, you would count them as a total of 2 or else you would. Knowing your hands is not the only thing you should worry about. The way you approach the table and stay at the table is as important as your hand strategy. It is in itself a type of strategy.

You will approach the table with a certain amount in your bankroll. This is what you are ready to use for betting. Many of us decide in advance that we don’t want to lose a certain percentage of that bankroll. A good rule of thumb is to stop playing when you have lost 40% of the bankroll you brought. You must also determine the amount per round you wish to place for the bet. This should be a percentage based on the number of rounds you will play.

You must also state that you will not bet any of your winnings. In other words, you want to earn 60 percent of your winnings. Once you reach it or if you reach that amount the game should be over. If you want to play again, start with a new bankroll. All winnings go into your pocket. You will have at least everything that remains at the end of the game. You should also avoid playing insurance. The chances of insurance are against you and a poor strategy. You want to bet on the round and what will allow you to win more.

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