Scommesse Online che Dovresti Evitare

Craps is a complicated game for online casino beginners. There is a large number of bets to choose from. And the beats offer different house edges. The margin of a bet is the amount that the online casino can expect to win in the long term. For a good deal of jokes, the house edge exceeds 10%, which makes them sucker bets. The added problem is that sucker bets are simply structured and have received exotic names. Craps betting house margins are never declared in advance by online casinos. It depends on the payment of the bet, which has been declared, and the probability of winning, which is not declared, but can be calculated by online casino players with a mathematical mindset.

But the simplest way is just to know what the sucker bets are and avoid them. Some of the sucker bets are discussed below. Craps is the bet that you gave the name to the online casino game. Unfortunately it has become a popular bet just for this reason. The bet wins if two, three or twelve are thrown and lose on all the other results. There are four results on which this wins because it can be launched in two ways. There are 32 ways to lose the bet. Based on this, the fair mathematical odds of this bet should be eight to one, but online casinos only pay seven to one. This leads to a house edge of over 11%.

Un’altra popolare scommessa di craps online è di sette. Questa scommessa vince se un sette viene tirato e perde altrimenti. Sette è il giocatore che ha totalizzato il maggior numero di tiri e quindi i giocatori novizi sentono che questo sarà favorevole. Ci sono sei modi per vincere questa scommessa e trenta modi per perdere. Le discrete probabilità matematiche di questa scommessa dovrebbero essere cinque a uno, ma i casinò online pagano solo quattro a uno. Ciò porta a un margine di oltre il sedici percento.

The Horn Bet has an attractive name. In this bet an identical chip is placed on 2, 3, 11 and 12. Each bet is considered an independent bet. At best, only one chip can win but all four chips can lose. And to make matters worse, these four numbers have the lowest probability of winning. This bet has a house margin of over 11%. The lowest house edge bets in online craps are Pass Line and Come bets. The problem with these bets is that they are decided in a slightly complex way on several pitches. That’s why novice online craps players avoid them.

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