La Carta Strategica del Blackjack Online

The online blackjack game begins with the player receiving two cards and the dealer receives an open card. The player can see both his cards and one of the dealer’s cards. The player must then make his moves. The most common of them is whether to stand or hit. However, there are other moves like split, double down, surrender and insurance. If the player makes the correct moves then he can reach an average payment ratio very close to one hundred percent. With the wrong moves, the average payout ratio decreases dramatically.

Therefore it is essential that blackjack players are aware of the correct strategy. Unfortunately the correct blackjack strategy cannot be identified on the spot. It was developed by simulating a very large number of blackjack hands on the computer. The strategy must therefore be known. There are two main factors that govern blackjack strategy. One is the value of the dealer’s up card. The other is the current value of the player’s hand. This led to a simple way of representing the blackjack strategy in a matrix form. The columns of the matrix represent the value of the dealer’s open card. The rows of the matrix represent the current value of the player’s hand. Therefore each cell in the matrix represents a combination of the two main factors that govern the blackjack strategy. Each cell instructs the player on what movement it should perform, given the situation represented by that cell. This matrix is ​​known as the strategic strategy of blackjack.

La carta strategica del blackjack è molto facile da leggere. Ad esempio la carta scoperta del mazziere è un quattro e il giocatore ha un sette e un sei dando un valore di tredici mani. La cella corrispondente sulla carta strategica dirà stand. Ciò significa che la mossa ottimale per il giocatore è di rifiutare un’altra carta. Di solito la carta strategica del blackjack è codificata. Non porta l’istruzione completa. Probabilmente userebbe la lettera S per il supporto e la lettera H per il colpo e così via. Anche la carta strategia è codificata a colori. La cella potrebbe avere uno sfondo giallo per lo stand e uno sfondo rosso per l’hit e così via.

It must be said that although the dealer’s open card and the current value of the player’s hand are by far the most important determinants of blackjack strategy, they are not the only factors. Also several minor factors come into play. Some of these are the number of decks used in the game and if the dealer is allowed to hit over a total of seventeen years. It is impossible to include all these factors in the strategic blackjack card.

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