Guida per Giocare a Baccarat

Unless you play Mini Baccarat, the Big Table Baccarat usually has a minimum of high tables and a dress code. Fortunately, when you play online you can get what you want and play for as little as $ 1 per round. Another bonus to play online is that you never have to be a “dealer”. In physical casinos the players become the dealer and follow a series of steps to complete the round.

The steps you need to follow when playing online are reduced to three: Play on the player, bet on the bank and bet on Tie (you can bet on one, two or all three). Bet on who you think will get a hand closer to Nine, or if both the player and the bank hit (note that you are not the player or bank you are a champion).

Card values:

From two to nine face value

Tens, Jacks, Queens, Kings: 0 points

Ace: 1 point

On the baccarat table you will see the three games (Tie, ​​Banker, Player). Click on the option you want to bet and then click on the chips; You can bet between $ 1 and $ 500 per round. After making your game, press “Deal”. Two cards will be processed by the player and two cards will be processed at the bank.

In baccarat no hand has a score higher than 9 points. If the calligraphy is 10 or higher, remove the first digit. For example, if the player has five and eight, the value of the hand is 13. Remove the first digit (1) and get a score of 3.

Since you are not the bank or the player, other cards are systematically added to your hand.

If the player’s hand is between 0 and 5, another card is drawn.
If the bank’s hand is between 0 and 2, another card is drawn.
If the bank’s hand is between 3 and 6, its movement depends on the player’s drawing card.


The payouts to the game also pay off

Banks earn even money – 5% commission

Tie wins pay 9: 1

Money Management in Baccarat

Basically, you agree to beat a coin toss when you play baccarat. Makes it a tight game. Nevertheless, even with coin flips, unpleasant stripes can occur for good or for bad. Good is good, but it is not bad. If you bet, say 10 units per decision, give 200 units as a bankroll increase and you should miss a break. And pausing doesn’t mean you should do the stretching and start playing again. Get up and go away. Take a walk. People are watching. Take a nap Give yourself some decent time before you start playing again.

If you’ve won a decent amount, but don’t leave by then; Even if you want to leave the session a winner (which lasted a long time), share your victory in half and use it to continue the game. Lose and take the rest of you and win and go to sleep. Baccarat is a fun game. If you have a friendly table, you can also get some socialization.

Now that you know the basics of baccarat, you can see how you like it by trying a few rounds at your favorite online casino.

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