Cos’è Edge di Casa?

This is the central and easy to understand issue once you remember that casinos are commercial activities and that you need to make money to stay alive. With this in mind, almost all the games in a casino are inclined in favor of the casino, so that the casino has a better chance of winning than you do. This is known as the home edge.

In this way, those big jackpots can accumulate and the casino can afford to distribute those huge sums of money, because statistically, the casino will win more often than the player, and therefore will be able to get the money to put together those big jackpots.
However, not all games are the same. How much a game favors the casino depends on one game to another. For example, there are games that have no home advantage, such as live poker tables, that you have played against other players, and not the home. Other games, like slots, have a fixed chance of winning. It all depends on which game you decide to play.

What Does This Mean For You?

Conoscere il margine della casa del gioco che stai giocando è estremamente importante per te come giocatore – se non sai quali possibilità hai di vincere, non c’è modo di usarlo a tuo vantaggio. Qualunque giocatore esperto ti dirà che il gioco d’azzardo è come buttare soldi in una fossa, quindi è sempre meglio andare con un piano.

Once you know what chance you have of winning, depending on the game, you can definitely use it to your advantage. Do you manage an incredible hand for Blackjack? Knowing the chances of winning over the dealers can tell you when to bet big, to make sure you get the maximum possible return on your win. This is just one example of many where knowing the house edge can improve your winnings and your chances of winning, and it’s something you, as a player, always have to be aware of in the back of your mind when playing in real life. or online.

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